The association called “Prato for Zipoli” was founded in 2013 in Prato with the principal aim of promoting and conserving the knowledge of the figure of Domenico Zipoli, illustrious Pratese composer and organist of the late XVII and early XVIII centuries. The main activity of the association is the organization of the “Zipoli Festival”, a biennial event whose first edition took place in 1998. Besides the promotion of the figure of Domenico Zipoli the association intends to spread the knowledge of Baroque music in general, particularly that for organ and harpsicord, instruments on which Zipoli was a celebrated performer. Another aim is to promote the knowledge of organs, above all of historic examples present in the territory of Prato. These aims are achieved through the organization of concerts, guided visits, lectures and lessons for schools. The president of the association is M° Gabriele Giacomelli, the vice president M° Silvia Coveri, the secretary Dr. Filippo Tosciri.

The association has its own You Tube channel.

The association has promoted the edition of a CD (Elegia Classics): Domenico Zipoli from the Old World to the New on the ancient Organs of his City.